Koranic night light penguin plush toy

Type: toy

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of our new Koranic penguin night light plush toy , specially designed to bring gentle serenity to your little treasure. Discover the exceptional features of this innovative product :

🌙 Surahs of the Quran:

  • Choose from 38 surahs of the Quran for a personalized spiritual experience .

Quran (Juz Amma) recited by Ahmed Saoud (60 minutes)

  • Al-Fathia (The Overture)
  • Ayat Al Kursi
  • An-Naba (The big news)
  • An-Nazi'at (The angels who snatch souls)
  • Abasa (He frowned)
  • At-Takwir (The Obscuration)
  • Al-Infithar (The Break)
  • Al-Mutaffifine (The Fraudsters)
  • Al-Inshyiqaq (The Tear)
  • The constellations (Al-Buruj)
  • The nocturnal star (At-Tariq).
  • The Most High (Al-Ala).
  • The enveloping (Al-Gasiyah).
  • Dawn (Al-Fajr).
  • The city (Al-Balad).
  • The sun (Ach-Shams).
  • Night (Al-Layl).
  • The rising day (Ad-Duha).
  • The opening (As-Sarh).
  • The fig tree (At-Tin).
  • Membership (Al-Alaq).
  • Destiny (Al-Qadr).
  • The proof (Al-Bayyinah).
  • The shaking (Az-Zalzalah).
  • The couriers (Al-Adiyat).
  • The crash (Al-Qariah).
  • The race for riches (At-Takatur).
  • Time (Al-Asr).
  • The slanderers (Al-Humazah).
  • The Elephant (Al-Fil).
  • Quraish.
  • The utensil (Al-Maun).
  • Abundance (Al-Kawtar).
  • The infidels (Al-Kafirune).
  • Rescue (An-Nasr).
  • Fibers (Al-Masad).
  • Pure monotheism (Al-Ihlas).
  • The breaking dawn (Al-Falaq).
  • Men (An-Nas).

🤲 Comforting Dou'as (13 minutes):

  • Discover the soothing du'as that wrap your baby in a protective atmosphere.
  • Adhkar an Nawm (Al Afasy)
  • The 99 Names & Attributes of Allah

🎶 Nasheed Without Instrument (23 minutes):

  • Let yourself be carried away by captivating nasheed, creating a peaceful ambiance without instruments.
  • The 5 pillars of Islam in Arabic
  • The Names of the 5 Daily Prayers for little ones
  • Bismillah in Arabic
  • Help Al Fitr
  • Nasheed Soothing

⏭️Total Control :

  • Move forward, backward, loop audios as needed, providing complete flexibility.

⏲️ Custom Playback Duration:

  • Choose between 30 or 90 minute audio sessions , tailored to your child's sleep routine.

😢 Smart Cry Detector 🍼:

  • When your baby cries , the surah and verse Al-Fathia and Ayat Al K ursi start   automatically turns on to comfort and soothe your child .

🔊Volume Control :

  • Adjust the volume for a tailor-made sound experience, tailored to your desired ambiance.

Starry Light:

  • The glowing stars create an enchanting visual experience, harmoniously accompanying the audios.

🌟 Seven Starry Broadcast Modes:

  • Personalize the ambiance with seven starry diffusion modes , creating a captivating visual spectacle.

Give your little treasure the magical gift of tranquility and inner elevation with our brand new product, the Koranic penguin night light plush toy . Order now and create unforgettable moments of sweetness and comfort. 🌙🤲🎶🍼