Fox Koranic night light without crying detector

Type: toy

A night light for sweet sleep for baby

If you're looking for a unique , calming and fun way to rest your child, look no further than this soft toy.

Putting a baby to sleep is not always easy. This can even become a difficulty for young parents who don't know how to go about it.

This is a delicate time when baby may be agitated or cranky.

This soft toy is perfect for children who like comfort toys with Quranic verses , Douas, soothing and relaxing Anachids .

It also releases projections of the starry sky to help your baby fall asleep , making it the ideal companion for restless nights or moments of stress .

  • 7 Types of projection : diffused light, starry sky and clouds.

  • 3 listening modes plus an hour of audio.
  • Quran Juz Amma recited by Ahmed Saoud.
  • Duaas Adhkar and Nawm.
  • The 40 Rabanna of the Quran Al karim .
  • Nasheed Soothing and relaxing without instruments.

  • Thanks to the detachable electronic module , the cuddly toy becomes a soft companion for your real
  • Portable or wireless comforter . It therefore has the advantage of being movable to any place where baby falls asleep.
  • 3 in 1 – Comforter, projector, night light .
  • Adjustment of sound volume and light projection .

  • Hand washable comforter .

  • Works with 3 LR6 piles .

Night light audio content (1 hour of audio):

Peanut (9 minutes)

  • The 5 pillars of Islam
  • Ash Shahada
  • Haya ala salat
  • Laylat ul Qadar
  • Mohammed Nabina
  • Iqra
  • Kanat Saima
  • Adhkar

Quran (Juz Amma) recited by Ahmed Saoud (30 minutes)

  • The constellations (Al-Buruj).
  • The nocturnal star (At-Tariq).
  • The Most High (Al-Ala).
  • The enveloping (Al-Gasiyah).
  • Dawn (Al-Fajr).
  • The city (Al-Balad).
  • The sun (Ach-Shams).
  • Night (Al-Layl).
  • The rising day (Ad-Duha).
  • The opening (As-Sarh).
  • The fig tree (At-Tin).
  • Membership (Al-Alaq).
  • Destiny (Al-Qadr).
  • The proof (Al-Bayyinah).
  • The shaking (Az-Zalzalah).
  • The couriers (Al-Adiyat).
  • The crash (Al-Qariah).
  • The race for riches (At-Takatur).
  • Time (Al-Asr).
  • The slanderers (Al-Humazah).
  • The Elephant (Al-Fil).
  • Quraish.
  • The utensil (Al-Maun).
  • Abundance (Al-Kawtar).
  • The infidels (Al-Kafirune).
  • Rescue (An-Nasr).
  • Fibers (Al-Masad).
  • Pure monotheism (Al-Ihlas).
  • The breaking dawn (Al-Falaq).
  • Men (An-Nas).

Douas (22 minutes)

  • - Adhkar an Nawm (Al Afasy)
  • - The 40 Rabanna of the Quran al Karim

Dimensions of the Koranic plush toy