Rabbit Oumi Abi


Infinite softness for the precious moments of life!

Treat your treasure to irresistible softness with our 100% natural cotton rabbit soft toy. Each hug becomes magical with the delicate inscription "Abi Oumi, it's for life", engraved forever in the heart of your little angel.

Purity and softness to the touch: Made with love in hand-washable cotton, our plush toy respects the sensitivity of little ones' delicate skin. An ideal companion to accompany every moment of tenderness.

Guaranteed European standards: Your baby's safety is our top priority. Our rabbit plush toy is certified to the strictest European standards, providing unrivaled peace of mind.

Benefits of the teething ring included: In addition to being an exceptionally soft plush toy, our rabbit is equipped with a carefully integrated teething ring. Relieving baby's sore gums, the ring provides soothing comfort during delicate teething times.

The perfect gift for an unforgettable birth: Presented in an elegant box, our rabbit soft toy is the ideal gift to celebrate the arrival of a new member in the family. A precious way to express all your love from the first moment.

Features :

  • Material: 100% natural cotton
  • Hand washable
  • Complies with European safety standards
  • Personalization with the inscription “Abi Oumi, it’s for life”
  • Teething ring to soothe sensitive gums

Choose excellence, choose comfort, choose our rabbit plush toy as a life companion for your little treasure. Order now and create unforgettable cuddly memories!